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Salvatrucha household necessities.

Salvatrucha household necessities.



So since I’ll be going to Croatia over the summer to visit family, there’s always a masquerade that happens near the end of July so my younger sister and I decided to pick out our costumes. She’s going as a little French girl and I’m going as some sort of sugar skull/dia de los muertos face paint type thing. Idk it was a lot of fun to do, and I could definitely see me using this for some interesting twist on The Corpse Bride

no please dont 

its that fucking time of the year again…. 


Sailor Mars ribbon. Santiago, Chile. Pequeño Tokio Tattoo Studio.


Sailor Mars ribbon. Santiago, Chile. Pequeño Tokio Tattoo Studio.


Finally a BIG update is coming! We’ve had a lot of new stuff in the works, and we are finally ready to start accepting pre-orders!

Pre-orders will open THIS FRIDAY September 19th @ 6pm EDT (UTC-4). Please use this website to convert the restock time to your local time (enter 6pm, EDT on the right side of the page ^^) Pre-Order items will be made to order and will ship 3 weeks from date of purchase.

We will have the following NEW items available for Pre-Order:

Sailor Uranus Space Sword $25

Sailor Neptune Deep Aqua Mirror $25

Sailor Starlights Star Yell $32 These will be available in white and a limited quantity in blue. 

Sailor Saturn’s Silence Glaive $20

Holy Moon Chalice (v2)  $28 I decided to make a necklace that is just the top of the Holy Moon Chalice. It’s smaller, easier to wear and just as sparkly!

Sailor Saturn Bow Necklace $25 This necklace is 3d printed from a deep bluish-purple plastic with a hint of sparkles.

Lip Rods, Manga Brooches and most other items will be available for pre-order as well! ♥ We are also bringing the Sterling Silver Garnet Orbs back for pre-order.

I hope to have the hair clips available for order again within 2-3 weeks when I receive more of the metal hair clip pieces. Sorry for the delay >_< 




13 cats failing at hide and seek

As good as cats think they are at hiding from us, we know better.

masters of disguise!

That cat in the cabinet. lol

King Kong (1933)

"Oh my god, that was one time" #burnbook #shedoesntevengohere #fuglyslut #allcarbdiet #godkarenyouresostupid

"Oh my god, that was one time" #burnbook #shedoesntevengohere #fuglyslut #allcarbdiet #godkarenyouresostupid